Breathe With Eucalyptus

WOW!  It’s snowing today!  Around this winter time, we need some eucalyptus to aid in our health and wellness.    

Eucalyptus, also known as eucalyptus globulus, is an amazing decongestant and antiseptic.  A much needed herb for this season of colds, flus and other respiratory issues, such as asthma and bronchitis.  Eucalyptus is also good for:

  • Relaxing sore muscles
  • Reducing swelling by helping to increase blood flow

The main way eucalyptus is used is through an essential oil form.  You can rub it on your chest or other areas of the body, or put it in the diffuser for a mucus breaking, lung opening, breathable aroma.  

So get some eucalyptus oil and help those lungs, they will thank you!  HAHAHA!  Check out my friends Facebook page on therapeutic grade essential oils.

Another way eucalyptus is used is in a tea form.  Although, consuming it in large amounts can be toxic to you.  So, just a cup a day is good!  

Try it and see how much it will change your life, health and wellness.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think if you have tried it.  That’s all for now.

Get healthy today and stay healthy tomorrow!

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  1. teasbyjay says:

    I haven’t had it in tea but I always use eucalyptus in my diffuser! It’s one of my favorite scents! So uplifting, mind clearing and soothing with a bit of a mintyness!

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    1. It’s so great! Especially around this time! Yes I love that mintyness!

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