Healthy Benefits of Flaxseed

This amazing herb flaxseed does wonders for your health!  Flaxseed also called linum usitatissimum, is an herb where the seeds are used to promote so many health benefits.  The seeds are also pressed to make an oil.  The major component in flaxseed is apigenin, which helps fight various cancer cells, as well as skin cancer, treats neurological diseases and disorders.  The nutrients in the flaxseed are what we need daily for healthy living and wellness, such as amino acids, calcium, essential fatty acids, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, vanadium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and E.

Benefits of Flaxseed

  • Promotes strong bones
  • Promotes strong nails
  • Promotes strong teeth
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Useful for colon problems
  • Helps female disorders
  • Treats inflammation

Uses for flaxseed


Due to the low fiber that is contained in flaxseed, it promotes a healthy bowel movement.  It has the highest concentration of the phytoestrogen lignans of any other food.

  • Flaxseed has a nutty flavor that when consumed whole it is usually sprinkled on top of baked goods.
  • Ground flaxseed is usually mixed in with healthy smoothies, shakes, cereal, casseroles, soups, sauces and other delicious dishes. (click below to get your ground flaxseed)
  • Flaxseed oil can be used as a dressing on salads (although when pressed as an oil it looses the fiber component).
  • There are even flaxseed gel capsules that are used as a dietary supplement.

Hair Care

Using flaxseed gel promotes hair growth and nourishment to the hair and scalp.  It helps with dandruff, dryness of scalp, even split ends.  Try it today to get your hair healthy again.  Check out how to make your own flaxseed gel!

Skin Care

Flaxseed oil is used in many moisturizing skin care products to help with rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, even wrinkles.  It gives the skin a healthy plump look and protects it from all that junk that is floating in the air.  Flaxseed oil can be applied directly onto the skin and isn’t known to cause irritation.  Click below to get your flaxseed oil!

Just by consuming ground flaxseeds gives you all the benefits listed above.  Isn’t it great that what you put in your body, you can also use on your skin!  That’s a double dose of goodness!

Try it and see how much it will change your life, health and wellness.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think if you have tried it.  That’s all for now.

Get healthy today and stay healthy tomorrow!

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