Powerful Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant.  Indigenous to China, this wonderful tea has made its fame throughout the whole world.  Originating from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, its phytochemical and nutrient compound does wonders for body, which leads to healthy living.

Not only is it an antioxidant, it has many other benefits:

  • Helps protect against cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Reduces clotting in the blood
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Fights tooth decay
  • Helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Fights mental fatigue
  • Could delay the onset of atherosclerosis
  • Helps asthma patients
  • Promotes healthy weight loss (not decaffeinated)
  • Aids in the prevention of enlargement of prostate


After giving birth to my daughter, it helped me in my weight-loss journey to “getting my sexy back”.  YAY!  It literally flushed my system and kept me energized throughout the day.  It also curbed my appetite, so I didn’t have crazy craving anymore (like fast-food and desserts), but also started to eat healthier to maintain the weight-loss.  (Note:  consumption of green tea should not be in large quantities for women who are pregnant or nursing)

Then, I researched other ways that green tea could help me on my healthy living journey.  Then I found out about Matcha!!!  WOW!  What a discovery!  Not only can I drink the green tea, but I can put it on my face!  WHAT???  AMAZING!  With green tea also having anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, using it as a mask for healthy looking skin is another way I fight skin issues, such as acne, redness and scars.

Now, Matcha is finely grounded green tea leaves into a powder, which is grown and processed three weeks longer than regular green tea leaves (kind of like a saturation of goodness).  People use it for tea drinking, but also for the benefits of a matcha green tea mask for aiding in healthy skin.

Here is an example of using matcha green tea as a mask:

  • Take a half of spoonful of matcha green tea and turmeric
  • Add one spoonful of organic raw honey
  • Add a half of teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • Add a half of teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • Mix well then apply to face
  • Let it sit for about 15 minutes (depending on the sensitivity of your skin)
  • Rinse with a warm washcloth


Try it out and please let me know what you think about Green Tea, by leaving a comment.  Start living healthy!



Purify with Burdock

Burdock (Arctium Lappa) is a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal herb.  Found all over the world, its health benefits are amazing!

The plant, roots and seeds are used medicinally for aiding in:

  • Cancer Prevention and/or Cancer therapy
  • Eliminating excess fluid, uric acid and toxins
  • Purifying the blood
  • Restoration of liver and gallbladder functions
  • Stimulating digestive and immune systems
  • Relives Gout and menopausal symptoms
  • Help with skin aliments, such as boils and carbuncles  
  • Promotes hair and scalp health when used as a rinse

Being a firm believer in herbs, I have found burdock (amongst other herbs and spices) helped a lot with of the symptoms I was having when I was diagnosed with cancer.  The main function I noticed, was it purifying my blood.  Although, I wasn’t diagnosed with a blood disorder, purifying my blood helps the cells in my body “rise up and be strong enough” to fight the cancerous cells.  Thank God that it did, because I am cancer free today, without any chemotherapy or radiation.  YAY!!!

I also have a friend who suffered from Gout and the symptoms were horrible.  Gout being the a type of arthritis, when there is too much uric acid in the blood, tissues and urine, is very painful.  Also known as the “rich man’s disease”, it affects people from all different walks of life.  Mainly brought along from:

  • crash dieting
  • drinking
  • certain medications
  • overeating
  • stress
  • surgery
  • injury to a joint  

Alongside managing diet, taking burdock (and other herbs) helped with the symptoms of Gout and now they are living healthier, more productive, pain free lives.  YAY again!!!

So let’s be mindful of what we do to our bodies.  If you are experiencing any aliments or just want to purify yourself, burdock is my recommendation.

Start living healthy today and staying healthy for tomorrow!!!



The Wonders of Black Seed

Black Seed Oil is made from the seeds of a flowering plant native to south and southwest Asia; the scientific name being Nigella Sativa.  The seeds are taken from the fruit of the plant and made into a spice and/or into oil.  The taste of it is pungent and bitter, like a combination of onions, black pepper and oregano.  Even though it may taste tart, this wonderful seed is amazingly beneficial to our health.

When I started taking Black Seed oil, the informational packet claimed that it cured every disease, except for death.  WOW!!!  People that I knew from the Middle East even confirmed those beliefs of how powerful Black Seed is.  So, I had to do more research on this while I was taking it.

Taking a spoon full a day for two months really had an impact on my life.

  • Gave me energy
  • Cured my bronchitis
  • Aided in my weight loss goals
  • Lowered my blood pressure (yeah it was a little high)
  • I saw much improvement in my skin (blemishes were a problem for me)

I have confirmed reports of this amazing seed helping others as well.  It has been a remedy for:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Gastritis

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get healthy today!  If you suffer from any aliments in your body.  Try the Black Seed Oil and be the judge for yourself.


Reducing The Pain with Turmeric

This spice (actually flower) is by far, one of my many favorites!  The spice turmeric we see in the stores is grounded from the root of the plant, which has a yellow-orange color. Apart of the ginger family, it has great benefits to your health.  We are all about living healthy and maintaining our health.

The main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which helps with chronic pain and inflammation in the body, helps with skin diseases, digestive issues, healing of wounds, and liver conditions.  Most Eastern countries cook with this spice, not only for the benefits of it, but also for the sweet aroma and flavoring it adds to in the dishes.  Not everything that is good for you tastes nasty.  This powerful antioxidant may just be the missing ingredient in your daily consumption of foods, to help you with the pain, inflammatory and digestive issues in your body.

Turmeric is also said to prevent and treat certain cancers, such as pancreatic and prostate cancer.  With all the aliments floating around in the air and our foods, why wouldn’t want to add this powerful ingredient to your diet to help your body prevent or even treat these diseases that just happen to show up out of no where?

My friend has been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years (which showed up out of no where).  When she finally took our advice in implementing certain herbs and spices in her diet, including turmeric, she experienced a drastic change in her health.  Everyday, she feels better and actually started to stop taking other prescriptions the doctor prescribed to her, which made her sick to her stomach.  She is able to climb that mountain with ease now, run more efficiently, and walk around the city for hours, without any pain to her joints.  I’m so proud of her!

Now too much of a certain thing may not be beneficial to your body.  Therefore, please don’t go crazy and start overloading yourself.  Things taken in moderation is better for you, especially when you are just starting out.  If need be, please consult with your doctor if you are on any medications and how they would effect you.

It’s time to make a life change and start your journey to a healthy, abundant life, by making wise decisions on what you put in your body.  Start today!

This natural supplement is an easy way to consume turmeric, and it has black pepper added to it, which also aides in cancer prevention.


Red Tea Powerful Detox!

Are you sluggish?   Tired all the time?  Blood sugar too high?  Always stressed and irritable?  Can’t get rid of the excess weight?  Your body needs to flush those nasty toxins out of your system, so you can stabilize your metabolism and be on your journey to a healthy life.  And when your metabolism is stable, then all the other parts of your body whips into shape and performs the way they are supposed to.

What are toxins, you ask?  I’m glad you asked.  Toxins are:

  1.  an antigenic poison or venom of plant or animal origin, especially one produced by or derived from microorganisms and causing disease when present at low concentration in the body.
  2. a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation.
  3. refers to all the metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides, and poisons that cause the body harm.

Well what does all that mean?  Toxins are all around us, in our everyday lives.  From the air we breathe to the food we eat, there are some sort of toxins that never escape us.  In order to avoid all these toxins, we would have to live in a bubble.  Who wants to do that?  No one!  Now, our liver naturally rids our body of toxins.  Sometimes our liver can get bombarded with too many toxins that it doesn’t work as effectively as it was designed to.  Therefore, we have to occasionally help our liver and flush our system to rid of these toxins, so that we can continue to live a healthy and prosperous life.

I have the perfect product for you to do just that.  Red Tea Detox!!!  This tea is AMAZING!!!  Not only does it flush the toxins out of your system, it helps you get rid of the excess weight you have been trying to get rid of for months!

For a limited time, this wonderful detox is on SALE!!!  Get on the journey to healthiness and wellness with this AMAZING organic product!!!




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